For nearly 30 years, Education Unlimited has been offering premier academic summer programs on the campuses of top US universities. Our mission is to offer motivated students a fun and enriching experience while enabling them to get a feel for the life of university students. Summer Focus Enrichment represents one of our latest efforts to expand students’ experience on world-class campuses.

Each session of Summer Focus Enrichment contains a unique blend of our established curriculum and enrichment activities and excursions on campus and in the surrounding communities. The three two-week sessions are designed to be taken separately or in combination, allowing students to spend two, four, or six weeks on campus(es) in our community of Education Unlimited students and educators. 

Summer Focus Enrichment will change locations from UC Berkeley in Sessions 1 & 2 to UCLA in Session 3. This will allow students to get a college experience at two of the top Universities on the west coast and provide greater variety for students only attending a single session. Students enrolled in Sessions 2 & 3 will fly from the San Francisco Bay Area to Los Angeles with Education Unlimited staff and students between these sessions. Travel between the locations is included for all students enrolled in Sessions 2 & 3.

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 Session 1 Dates: UC BERKELEY
June 30—July 13, 2019

Session 2 Dates:  UC BERKELEY
July 14—July 27, 2019

Session 3 Dates: UCLA
July 28—August 10, 2019

Students choose an academic focus each session and spend about half of each day with their class, learning, practicing, and experiencing the subject through our immersive curriculum. All classes build toward a final project with a presentation to other students and open to families on the final day of each session. Students spend the other half of each day in supervised, facilitated excursions that bring a mix of fun, local culture, and university student haunts.

Summer Focus Enrichment begins with an orientation, a campus tour, and opportunities to meet your summer classmates. Early activities will focus on points of interest that will be useful to students during their free time in the program, including campus libraries and popular study spots.  

Unique benefits of applying through Education Unlimited include:  

  • Housing in the actual UC Residence Halls on campus. This is a critical component to having the most genuine pre-collegiate experience possible. This has also been an important safety consideration for both students and parents as the campus residence halls are both secure and comfortable.

  • Staffing: Our full-time teaching staff lives in the Residence Halls with the students providing supervision, academic support and activities.

  • Support: The teachers will also be available 24/7 to help students with medical emergencies or crisis situations. During regular daylight hours, staff are available to help secure necessary school and personal supplies. With generous adult to student ratios of less than 15 students per adult, our team is always there to help.

  • Safety and Supervision: Our staff lives in the residence halls 24/7 to provide for the safety and comfort of our students. In the evening staff provides fun social activities for the students as their study times allow or takes them to local coffee houses to study. When it is time for students to go to bed the staff will go room to room to make sure students are safely in their rooms and doors are securely locked. In the case of an emergency, our team is living in the residence halls and there to assist.

  • Our Executive Director attended UC Berkeley as an undergrad and our CFO is a graduate of the prestigious UC Berkeley Haas School of Business. As such, they are both very familiar with the university and are able to draw together a strong staff to help support the students academically and residentially.

  • Meals: With Summer Focus Enrichment, students are provided a full 3-meal-per-day plan in the official UC Dining Halls during weekdays. Meals are buffet style and offer students plenty of all-you-can-eat options. We explore a variety of area and out of area dining options on the weekends which are also included in the program tuition.

  • Our main administrative office is in Berkeley, just four blocks from UC Berkeley. This is important to our families because it puts us in quick proximity to solve any problems big or small that may arise. In the event of any kind of serious problem or concern, our Executive team can be on site very quickly, because Berkeley is our home base.

  • Our tuition fees cover all program expenses including all excursions. The only extra costs students will have are transportation to/from UC Berkeley at the start and end of the program, books and some pocket money for personal items.

  • 4 month online SAT course included in registration.

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